• Branch 1:  General Hospital Road, Maijdee court, Noakhali-3800.    Branch 2:  Chowmuhoni Chowrasta, Begumgonj, Noakhali
  • Maijdee:09617080808 Unit -2: 09617090909

Indoor & Other Services

◥  Emergency Department is round the clock


◥  Provision of good treatment by admitting patients in departments of Medicine, Surgery, Gynae &

Obs, Pediatrics, Pediatric Surgery, Hematology, Cardiology, Orthopedic Surgery, Ophthalmology

& ENT under the supervision of full-time Doctors and Specialists


◥  Burn & Plastic Surgery Unit

◥  Antenatal & Special Infant/Baby Care

◥  (SCANU) Special Care Newborn Unit

◥  NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit)

◥  All common Operations in Modular Operation Theatre

◥  Advanced 5 Operation Theaters & Labor Rooms

◥  Advanced & well equipped Post Operative Care

◥  Different types of Surgeries by C-ARM X-Ray

◥  Keeping newborns alive in Infant Incubators

◥  Laparoscopic & all other General Surgeries

◥  Gallstone removal by Laparoscopic Machine

◥  Appendicitis removal by Laparoscopic Machine

◥  All Gynecological Surgeries by Laparoscopic Machine

◥  Prostate (TURP) with Bladder and Urethra Surgeries by Endoscopy Machine

◥  Eardrum fitting with ENT Microscope including other Micro Surgeries

◥  Phaco Surgery in the advanced dedicated Ophthalmic Operating Theatre with other Eye Surgeries

◥  Cardiac Monitor, Pulse Oximeter & Defibrillator for Heart Patients

◥  Provision of Oxygen through Central Gas Pipe Line

◥  Phototherapy

◥  Nebulizer

◥  All-time Ambulance Service

◥  Model Pharmacy (Open 24 Hours)

◥  Power Supply and Lift are round the clock

◥  Adequate Car Parking Facility

◥  Own Cafeteria

◥  Delivery of Food to Patients from Hospital

◥  Provision of Semi Cabin as an alternative to General Beds

◥  5 types of Cabins with different quality service charges